About Law Firm

Wiater & Szewczyk Law Firm is an experienced team of advocates who provides professional legal services for individual client and legal entities in city of Kielce, Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship, city of Bialystok, Podlaskie Voivodeship and the rest of Poland. Our clients are also Polish nationals who live and work abroad (United Kingdom, Holland, Austria, Germany, Italy and the Scandinavian countries). We act on behalf of our clients before all courts in Poland throughout the country, including the Supreme Court in Warsaw. If necessary, we also help in obtaining professional legal assistance in the form of foreign legal consultation or representation in The Crown Court, Magistrates Courts, The County Courts in England and Wales or The Sheriff Court, High Court and Court of Session in Scotland. Wiater & Szewczyk Law Firm have worked for several years with well-known foreign law firms. Clients are also able to arrange a face to face meeting with one of our advocates in London, Manchester or Edinburgh. Our law firm widely cooperates with English translators with powers to act before the courts in the UK, German translators and the specialized agencies that assist in official matters, accounting or tax.