If you have any legal problems in Poland, United Kingdom, Austria or Germany, this may include legal assistance in court, owning your business in the United Kingdom, Austria or Germany or wanting to become an entrepreneur in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Foreign issues:

  • Extradition, deportation, criminal matters, minor offences (co-operation with Solicitors, Barristers and Advocates).
  • Interrogation at the Polish Consulate in London, Manchester and Edinburgh with the participation of Polish lawyer,
  • European Arrest Warrant
  • Problems with National Crime Agency
  • Problems with UK Border Force
  • Seizure of goods and vehicles
  • Meeting with a client in custody
  • Rehabilitation periods for offenders (Poland, UK, Germany)
  • Obtaining a certificate of good conduct from the National Criminal
  • Register in Poland
  • Child abduction
  • Divorce/Separation (Poland, UK, Austria, Germany)
  • Child maintenance
  • Legal assistance in obtaining compensation for medical malpractice, clinical negligence, road traffic accidents, work accidents, personal injury (in cooperation with Polish speaking lawyers in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)
  • Pre-litigation demand for payment
  • European Enforcement Order
  • European Order for payment
  • Rejection of inheritance
  • Obtaining a copy of a death certificate
  • Legal assistance in Italy -Polish co-operation with an Italian legal firm in Rome (Avvocato Massimiliano Scaringella
  • Legal assistance to set up a business in the United Kingdom, Austria and Germany
  • Assured shorthold tenancy
  • Contracts and Agreements for businesses:
    • confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements
    • consultancy agreements
    • agency agreements
    • leases
    • franchise agreements
    • services agreements
  • Trading terms and conditions
  • Drafting, negotiation, review
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Online trading terms and conditions
  • Intellectual property advice and assistance
  • Commercial leases

Polish issues:

  • Civil law: law of succession, claim for payment, preparation of civil contracts
  • Family Law: divorce, separation, arrangements for children, child maintenance, child abduction, care and guardianship, the division of joint property, matrimonial property regimes
  • Commercial Law and Bankruptcy: registration of commercial companies, making changes in the National Register, legal services for legal entities, liquidation of companies, insolvency proceedings
  • Criminal law: defence in criminal cases, making private prosecutions, representation as a private prosecutor, representation at the investigation stage (Prosecutor), drafting complaints, appeals and cassation, electronic monitoring
  • The minor offences: matters relating to the minor offences
  • Administrative law: administrative appeal, an appeal to the Administrative Court, further appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court, representation before the authorities, offices and administrative courts
  • Employment law and social security: issues related to the termination of the employment contract, employment certificate correction, representation before the courts in matters of social security